Sport Supplies from Stichting Livada for the Orphan Kids

Sport Supplies from Stichting Livada for the Orphan Kids

From 2001, when the foundation started, we run weekly socio-educational programs called “Follow Up” with all the orphan kids in state orphanages/state group homes from Mureș County. Over the school year, on a weekly basis, from Monday to Friday, our Romanian staff, foreign and Romanian volunteers provides programs for about 240 orphan kids in 35 state group homes from around Mureș County, in 12 different locations. Our creative, fun and energetic weekly programs consist of various activities based on educational objectives on different themes of life, socialization, life skills, learning of life values. But we saw a big need for the kids to be outside of the group homes, where they can run and play.

So, once a month, we group kids from different state group homes together and organize sport activities in different locations. Because most of the group homes are in different villages, we do our best to use the existent facilities in these villages. Sometimes, we are able to use the gym from the school, the field outside, but sometimes, and this is the case in a lot of Romanian villages, the gym it’s just a school classroom transformed in a small gym. Even so, the orphan kids love the sport activities, because they have the chance to leave the group home and do something practical.

Most of the kids go to school and then go back to their home. There’s no going out, no kids are part of a sport team, they don’t have an outside group of friend to hang out with, and so the sport activities for them is such a big thing. Most of the boys love to play soccer, but we try to mix the activities to have everyone involved, big and little and play organized games. Also we taught them to play volleyball and basketball.

Also we try to teach the kids, through sport, life lessons like: the value of hard work, setting and achieving goals, how to be a graceful winner (and loser), dealing with pressure, teamwork, confidence, asking for help, etc.

All the sport supplies, the volleyball net, the soccer goals bought with the help of our sponsor from Stichting Livada will help us be more creative, teach the kids new things, but very important, the kids can leave their home and play sports.

THANK YOU Stichting Livada for supporting our projects!

Emil Moldovan – Operational Manager

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