Spring Activities with the Orphan Kids

Spring Activities with the Orphan Kids

As this season of follow-up activities is rapidly coming to an end, we are trying to enjoy every bit of time we get to spend with the kids as well as trying to make it as fun as possible for them as we can.  This is the last month of follow-up and then, after the kids finish school, we are going to start our summer activities.

Last fall we started working with a new group home of little kids and recently another two siblings moved into this house. All the kids from this group home are under the age of 10 and some were so young when they moved in, they didn’t even speak Romanian. They came a long way since October and they got attached to our staff members. They look forward to our follow-up programs and even more to our summer activities, since it will be their first summer participating.

At the beginning of the month, Romania celebrated Labor Day and it is a tradition for us to have barbeques and outdoor activities, so that is exactly what we did with a group of kids who didn’t get to celebrate it with their group homes. It was a fun filled afternoon with food, games and hammocks, where the children enjoyed getting to go outside of their village, spending time with us and playing while our staff cooked for them.

Another fun activity we got to do with one of our Bible study groups for teenage girls was bringing them into town to a bowling alley. For most of them, it was their first time bowling but they picked up on it quickly and enjoyed winning. We went out for lunch afterwards where we had time to talk and the girls were very excited to be invited to one of the American missionaries’ house for cake.

All of these activities come in addition to our weekly follow-up program and help us build stronger relationships with the kids, which makes it easier to talk to about the Gospel and also makes them trust our staff and seek their advice in any situation where they need it.

Please pray for our last few weeks of follow-up to be memorable for these kids and as we are planning our activities for the summer, please pray that we will organize our time and resources wisely to reach and have an impact on the life of as many children in need as we can.

Renata Man – Coordinator at Orphan Outreach (Follow Up)

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