Starting the Year With Good News

Starting the Year With Good News

God sets the lonely in families. – Psalm 68:6

Andrada is one of the babies we worked with in the hospital, in Ludus. She came to the hospital right after she was born in the maternity and stayed there for more than one year. She was born in August, 2019. Her mother abandoned her at the maternity and never visited her since birth. Andrada also has an older brother, Armando, who grew up in the hospital with us and was taken home at the age of two, and a sister Corina, who was taken home and then placed in foster care.

Through all this time we enjoyed Andrada’s presence, being a very cheerful baby, stubborn, always smiling, and playful. She grew before our eyes. She learned to walk holding hands, she learned to eat by herself and eats anything, and she gets along very well with the rest of the babies while playing in the play room.

Now, after one year and a half of living in the hospital, Andrada was placed in foster care with the possibility of adoption. This foster family adopted another child coming from the same hospital.

We are so happy for Andrada and will definitely miss her and her smile very much. We are thankful that Andrada is in a very good and loving family and we pray that she will be adopted. We also pray that she will have a bright future and a happy life.

Cradle Care StaffLoredana, Cristina and Jo Fletcher (AU missionary)

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