Step by Step

Step by Step

“It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop” Confucius

Sometimes in our work in Ogra it feels like we are taking small steps, but we are reminded everyday seeing these kids that the important thing is to keep going and not to stop. Three years ago we started enrolling the teens in Ogra in high school.  From this group, only one stayed in school, while the others dropped out within the year, which was a great discouragement.  We felt like stopping but with the help of God we persevered.  The next year we had 5 teens enrolled in high schools and vocational schools, and that year only two dropped out which gave us joy.

Elemer is one of our students who did stay in school.  He is such a bright and ambitious young man.  Elemer is currently in the 10th grade, attending the economics high school in Targu-Mures and living in the dorm.  He has a great passion for soccer, always playing soccer with his friends growing up.   His high school P.E. teacher noticed is talent and encouraged Elemer to apply for a position in the city’s official junior soccer team, ASA Targu-Mures.  He was accepted! Elemer now goes to training every afternoon after finishing his homework, and every Saturday the team has a game against other junior teams. If Elemer had listened to the people that told him that he had no chance to be anything more than the people in his community, he would not be here today. It brings us such joy and hope to see Elemer believing and discovering that there is more to live for than poverty and misery.  He is learning that if he perseveres he can do so much with his life. Elemer appreciates all the support he received and he desires to invest in others as well, so he volunteers in our follow up program in Ogra, every Saturday when he doesn’t have a game , and all the children look up to him.

Please continue to pray for Elemer and the rest of the teens and children in Ogra that we all persevere and change the life of the community… one life at a time.

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