Steps towards maturity

Steps towards maturity

In the last few months our number of graduatesincreased and these are the new teens from the group: Zsofia, Zorro (David), Adi, Cornel, Marian and Levi. Every beginningof life is hard, but with little effort we hope that each of them willsucceed in life and all the good things they have learned will help at the right time. We will continue to stay close to our graduates and help them in difficult times as we will be for them the family they need.

Some of our young graduates have chosen to leave the country in a bid to build the future, others tryin Romania. We hope that everyone will manage to build important things for their lives. Because we all want it,meeting monthly withcolleagues often becomes a meeting where we encourage each other. At our last meetingwe enjoyed the presence of two U.S. teams, Allen Bible Church and Immanuel Bible Church, who shared with us their experiences and were a realencouragement to our youth.

Please remember to sustain these young people in prayer for God tohelp them on the road they started.

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