Summertime Activities at Casa Juliana

Summertime Activities at Casa Juliana
Summertime, for many kids, is the best time of the year. No school, you can stay up later, and the weather is perfect for playing outside all day. This is no exception for our kids, and they have been making the most of the summer so far. We’re only one month into summer, and already they have attended a rally race, gone on a camping trip, celebrated the Fourth of July, and of course done lots of bike riding and soccer playing. We’ve also planted some flowers and a small vegetable garden in our yard, and the kids have been very responsibly watering and taking care of all our plants. Remi has been working in the yard building a chicken coop, and the kids love to help him with that too. They’re learning all the basics of building this summer.


All the kids have also been continuing their education throughout the summer. They do math and reading lessons with the house educator, Monica. Sergiu, the youngest in the house who will be starting school in September, has been attending a sort of “jumpstart” program at school this summer. He goes four hours a day, five days a week, and actually enjoys going to school because he feels like one of the big kids now.


In August, Eva, Laji and Attila will be attending a week of summer camp with our church. Later in August, everyone will be going on a trip the Black Sea. The kids are looking forward to these events very much, and we can’t wait to see what joy and excitement the rest of the summer holds for us.
Emily Rodenbach -foster mom Casa Julianna / Missionary
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