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Livada welcomes Vio Gaga

My name is Viorel Gaga, and I was born on January 15th 1961 in Arad, Romania. At the age of nineteen, I received Jesus Christ into my life as Lord and Savior. After high school I attended University and graduated with a degree in Chemistry. It was here that I met my future wife, Daniela,…

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Being “Strong and Courageous” with the Ogra kids

This past week, we had a team come from Peachtree Baptist -  Atlanta, Georgia. The team of Georgians dove into the week with fervor and excitement. This week was also the first week of campers from the Ogra ministry. It was awesome to see both ministries combine forces to pour into the lives of these…

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Update on our activity in Ludus Baby Hospital

In the last 3 months, it's all about being new at the baby hospital! We painted the play room with a new simple coat (it was a bit over crowded with all those paintings). For more significant progress, we decided to hire, and hired a new speech therapist to work with three of our toddlers;…

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Days of importance, carefully celebrated with our loved ones

A cause for celebration, relaxation and fun, but also collecting wonderful memories over the years is celebrating birthdays. This experience brings joy for the children, sense of belonging and the safety that they are loved, cared for, special and in the spotlight! It is another way in which the family lets the child know that…

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