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Steps to Healing | Foster to Adopt Program

Being aware of the severe impact of trauma on child development that comes from difficult environments, starting this month, we introduced a new area in Foster to Adopt program structure: equipping parents with skills to care for traumatized foster children. Being aware of the severe impact of trauma on child development that comes from difficult…

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Orphan Outreach Update

Follow Up Staff Member Renata with the kids After a very full end of year with Christmas parties, we’ve started new orphan outreach follow-up activities since the beginning of 2015. This year we want to meet in small groups, to get to know better each child and their needs. The topics that we deal with them…

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A special night for special people

How can we reward the solidarity, sacrifice and dedication that people with big hearts have for abandoned children? This thought has mobilized us to organize a special time of disconnection for our foster families, thus indicating gratitude for their involvement. The evening of December 16th was a day of joy for the five foster families, together with the ten foster children…

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First week of “Ultimate Joy”

Summer is officially in full swing, as evidenced by a school gym full of singing and dancing, soaring soccer balls, some seriously animated facial expressions à la Bruce Thomas, and a bunch of crazy but very lovable kids. For the first week of camp, we had mostly teenagers from the group homes in Sangeorgiu, Raciu,…

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Praise God for Irina and Valeria!

Regarding Foster Care project, God showed His mercy for us and the little abandoned babies, by giving us  two wonderful baby girls this month; Valeria and Irina. Irina is 18 months old and Valeria is only a month and a half old.  Both of them are a real blessing for the foster families, and more…

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Prevention of Abandonment department – update

Over Christmas we got a lot of hand-knitted sweater, socks, caps and blankets from Switzerland. Of course we shared this received blessing with some of the poorer families in Ogra. Right in time, when the cold weather started in Romania, we could give to approximate 30 families a package for their little children, who are…

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