Target Clothes Drive Through April 15th

Target Clothes Drive Through April 15th
They do not celebrate Easter in Romania until May 1st. There is still time to help with the drive. Thanks so much to all who have given so far.

Easter Clothing Drive for Orphans at     


Easter will take place in Romania on May 1st and each Spring we have traditionally asked for your help with clothing needs for the kids in our full-time care. It is still cheaper for us to purchase clothes here in the USA and send them with teams rather than purchasing lesser quality at higher prices in-country. Therefore, I would like your prayerful consideration to help us clothe our LOC kids this Easter for their Spring and Summer needs.

Cristina and Rodica have gone through all of the kids clothes, passed on the hand-me-downs and, with the help of Bex, have created registries at TARGET for the remaining needs. If you would like to purchase an item for an orphan, please click on the links below before April 15th. All items will be shipped to the US Livada office in Plano, Texas.
You can search “Livada Orphan Care” under Organization Name on the gift Registries tab at Target.com

*You can receive a tax credit for this by retaining your purchase order receipt from Target and noting it as a “in-kind-gift” for 501c3 registered charity “Livada Orphan Care” in your personal tax receipts.

** If you have any trouble with the registry links or have other questions, please email admin@livada.org or call 972.941.4416.

Thanks for helping us clothe our kids in Christ … and in clothes!

Happy Easter from all of us in Romania and America. The Lord is risen!

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