TBRI Therapeutic Camp

TBRI Therapeutic Camp

It was such a blessing to be able to hold the first therapeutic camp in Romania following the TBRI method. We had a team prepared to work one on one with the 8 kids living in Casa Juliana; a very passionate team filled with love for the kids. Also the Barineau family, which was visiting in that time, helped us with the first part of the camp. It was very encouraging to have them with us and we thank them for their availability and open heart to help.

We asked ourselves before we started the therapeutic camp how the kids will respond to this type of camp. Now we can say that it was a success and that it is very important that the staff from Casa Juliana to continue to apply everything that we built in these 9 days. The kids responded very well to every technique, even though we were very skeptic regarding some situations. They were challenged to change certain behaviors but with love and in an environment which gave them security. We can see changes more or less in every child. The most efficient case of this intervention was Costi’s case, which in many situations has learned to have self-control with respect, to demand, and to fix his mistakes in such a way that his self-esteem would grow and be successful. Costi is a child full of fear and insecurity and this can definitely be seen in his behavior. These emotions were very obvious in the 8th day of camp when Costi had to ride the horse, you could see his fear and insecurity and how he, with the help of the staff member, managed to overcome his fear which made him so happy. It was a moment which impressed me deeply.

The kids felt and saw that they deserve to be loved and that they are important no matter what they do. They learned that certain behaviors are not OK and that they need to express their needs using words, to recognize the emotions they are feeling, to correct themselves when they make mistakes and to keep calm in those moments, and the list can continue but we will let the pictures talk.

Thank you for everyone who prayed for us and for our kids in all this period and also we want to thank all the staff for their availability, love and patience that they have shown.  We can say that God was and will continue to be in control in the life of these precious kids.

Alina Muntean – Psychologist 

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