THANK YOU Victory Christian Center!

THANK YOU Victory Christian Center!

One amazing construction team that includes 10 members from VCC (Victory Christian Center) – Ohio, 7 days, 12 hours a day, 2 containers full of construction materials, Romanian staff and volunteers, LOC kids & graduates working alongside and also a lot of prayers, wisdom, strength, patience, fast decisions…don’t want to forget the snacks: especially ice-cream – that is what you need to finish a construction project: a building all framed in and under roof.

The new complex: 4.000 square foot, 66 feet long, 32 feet high, 3-story building from Sancraiu de Mures, Mures County will hold the new Counseling Center and Livada Office.

Joining the VCC team, Donna and Katelyn, two wonderful ladies helped us every day ministering to the babies at the Baby Hospital in Ludus. It was a wonderful experience and the babies and toddlers loved being extra spoiled. We are thankful for Donna and Katelyn who fought tiredness, jet leg and weather to be with these precious babies, as well as helping the construction team every afternoon.

It’s been an incredible week both for VCC team and the staff/graduates, working more than 12 hours a day, fighting some days the rain and storms, and the other days the unusual sunny hot weather for this time of the year. But with God in control all things are possible, so the team manage to finish everything they planned before arriving in Romania.

We THANK the VCC team for taking time from their work and family and especially for serving the Lord through ministering to the orphan kids from Livada, Romania.

Mira Pogaceanu/ Emil Moldovan

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