The Fruit of Our Work!

The Fruit of Our Work!

This end of spring has been very celebratory for us, as we had so many of our children from different departments graduating High- School and also the university.

I remember for years ago, the first week of school in 9th grade for Elemer, Larisa and Denisa, as they walked in the school yard nervous of being in a new school, with new teachers and colleagues but also in a new town far away from their home in Ogra, family and everything familiar. All sorts of questions went through my mind and theirs, will they be able to make friends, will they manage to pass their classes and adjust, I encouraged them and told them that four years will fly by so quickly. The years flew by indeed but we also had challenges and trials, fun times and answered prayers. We are so thankful to God for helping them get up to this point and graduate. We are so proud of them for staying in school and for investing in their own future. Please pray for them as they are going to take the Baccalaureate exams, and also for guidance regarding their future jobs and schools that they will attend starting the fall.

Elemer Angyal – Prevention of Abandonment Beneficiary together with his family and friends on high school graduation day
Larisa Dodosi – Prevention of Abandonment beneficiary on high school graduation day along side Niss Tinca the program coordinator
Denisa Dodosi – Prevention of Abandonment coordinator on high school graduation day along side Nicole Triff program coordinator and Nicole’s daughter Salome

Daniel recall’s talking to one of the house mom’s when he was a kid that he will go to university one day. It’s been a dream that he kept throughout all his life and when he finished high school he pursuit his dream and went on to university to study Psychology, and four years later after a lot of studying and hard work he graduated. We are so happy that he relied on God and followed his dream. Daniel will continue his studies in the United States next fall. Please continue to pray for him and support him in every way you can.

Daniel Kalanyos – Casa Ana-Nadia beneficiary on university graduation day along side Emil Moldovan – Operation Manager at Fundatia LOC
Daniel Kalanyos- celebrating his graduation with a bbq along side Fundatia LOC staff: Vio Gaga – executive director, Allyson Lim – missionary, Gabriella Simon – Foster Care Coordinator, Niss Tinca – Prevention of Abandonment Coordinator, Ramona Purel – Accountant, Emil Moldovan – Operations Manager

We are also so overjoyed to celebrate the graduations of Sergiu and Daniela. They both worked and studied so hard in the past four years. Daniela will continue her studies in the United States please pray for her to adjust well to a new culture and lifestyle. Sergiu will be looking for a job and start independent life. Please bring him up in prayed so this new stage in his life will be a blessed one, that he will continue to stay close to the Lord and that he will make wise decisions regarding his future.

Sergiu Simon – Casa Ana-Nadia beneficiary on high school graduating day along side Vio Gaga – executive director of Fundatia LOC, Mira Pogaceanu- former Fundatia LOC staff, Emil Moldovan- operation manager at Fundatia LOC
Daniela Lăpădat – Casa Ana-Nadia beneficiary on her high school graduation day
Daniela along side friends and Fundatia LOC staff – Daniel Kalanyos, Allyson Lim, Mira Pogaceanu, Emil Moldovan and Carter Green – missionary
Daniela with Allyson Lim – who has been Daniela’s mentor since 2017, Allyson will continue to mentor Daniela when she moves to USA

We want to thank our sponsors and prayer warriors who listened to God’s calling in investing their time and money in these teen’s lives, we know it wasn’t always easy but your effort changed the course of their lives forever. May God bless you and keep you!

Eunice Tinca

Prevention of Abandonment Coordinator

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