The second week of Day Camp

The second week of Day Camp

For Week Two of camp, a group of nine people from Allen Bible Church joined the interns to pour into children from M Niraj, Zau de C, Sarmas, and Santana. It was an incredible week with sweet children. You could feel the joy and love when you walked into the gym where camp is held. There was such a good first day on Monday that on Tuesday all of the campers got to enjoy some ice cream! On Friday, the sun was shining for the children to go through a muddy obstacle course with their teams! The kids absolutely loved it.

At the baby hospital, the staff and two summer interns had a relatively quiet week. They were able to continue to get to know the children they had and pray over them throughout the week. When the Allen Bible Church team visited for a couple hours on Thursday, team members who had been previous years were encouraged to see the progress that has been made at the hospital.

Meanwhile at Ogra, they had their first week of summer programs. The staff and interns did Bible lessons, played games, and did developmental growth stations in the morning with the youngest children. In the afternoon, the two summer interns lead a Bible study for the middle aged children followed by splitting up into small groups of English, Literacy, and Mathematics lessons.

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