Tidings Of Comfort And Joy

Tidings Of Comfort And Joy
Alexandra and Damiana are two sisters who started attending our ministry programs this past summer. They are six and seven and their father died this year after battling leukemia. The girls have two younger siblings: a girl that’s three, and a boy that’s a year and a half. Their mother has tried to take care of the children but being only twenty-one herself and feeling overwhelmed by the situation, she left the children in the care of their paternal grandmother. Even though the grandmother doesn’t have a good financial situation she is trying to take care of the four kids. She goes the extra mile to send Damiana and Alexandra from their village to school and they never miss any of our weekly Prevention of Abandonment ministry programs. Both of these girls were part of our recent Christmas Party in the Ogra village. The gifts and practical aid for their family coupled with the story of God’s great gift of Jesus brought overwhelming joy to them.

Please pray for Alexandra, Damiana and their siblings as they spend this Christmas without their parents. And also pray for us to know the best way to continue to help them as we move into 2016. Thank you for allowing us to share tidings of comfort and joy with these precious kids this Christmas.
Bruce Thomas
Founder/Executive Director

P.S. Thanks to LOC staff member Niss Tinca for sharing this amazing story! 

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