Ukrainian Refugee Update

Ukrainian Refugee Update

Ukrainian father remains behind and sends his family out of the country to safety.

“Love Your Neighbor.” 
Mark 12:31

Hello Friends,

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in late February, Livada has hosted 130+ temporary refugees and housed 33 for longer, extended periods of time. Currently we have 22 long-term Ukrainian refugees in our guest house called Casa Rene. 

Our long-term, open-ended guests include several moms and their children, senior citizens, a cancer patient, a burn victim, and some physically handicapped/challenged individuals. We have worked with each family/person to assist in every way possible: Daily meals, medical/hospital interventions, English lessons, resume development and job placement and training for those who can work and jobs for which the language barrier is not a problem. 

Russian bombs have decimated Ukrainian cities creating 12 million displaced refugees.

Many of you donated to help these displaced friends back in March and we, and they, continue to be deeply grateful for the life-changing support that has kept them fed, housed, safe, and cared for. Heartfelt “THANK YOU” messages have been shared through translation to be passed on to the “Americans” who have sent support to help the Romanians provide this front-line aid. 

Your prayers are still needed as this war rages on and becomes less of a headline. We continue to try and find meaningful opportunities for our Ukrainian guests to become more independent and to begin working on their future plans at least for the next six months. 

Some of our “permanent” guests currently living at Casa Rene: Moms/kids, Senior Citizens, & Medical Patients. Please keep these new friends, and the Ukrainian refugees in transit, in your prayers.

If you are in a place to give, we need your financial support to cover the daily costs. We are grateful for some food and used clothing being covered by the local  Romanian churches. Even by reducing our budget with those in-kind gifts, it costs us approximately $15/day for each refugee’s food, shelter, household and hygiene needs, medical care, transport, educational/training scholarships, and managing personnel. (=$450/month/person) Would you please consider a one-time or monthly gift to help us continue to provide this care for our northern neighbors?

All donations are tax-deductible. We can give full financial accountability reports for expenditures as needed. Our Romanian staff is still working in shifts to host the temporary and long-term Ukrainians, keeping track of the budget, scheduling incoming guests in transit, and creatively caring for the variety of unique needs that displaced people have, on-going, through translation, and with no end in sight. Your prayers are sincerely requested for continued energy, insight, and evangelism during a time such as this. 

Thank you for your kind consideration of support. We will continue to provide stories and updates via email, social media, and mail. Please let us know if we can provide you or organizations, of which you are a part, with personal updates and special project needs. 

All Glory to God and “Slava Ukraine!”

Bruce, Vio, and the Livada Orphan Care/Fundatia LOC staff team

Please consider providing monthly or one-time gifts to help us with this on-going campaign at this link: Donate To Help Ukrainian Refugees

*If your prefer to mail in donations, those can be sent to:

Livada Orphan Care 2001 W. Plano Parkway Suite 3430 Plano, TX 75075 

Note in the Memo Line: For Ukrainian Refugee Project

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