Update on “Girls Club” in Ogra

Update on “Girls Club” in Ogra

Our weekly meetings with the teenager girls this year were very productive. We had a lot of craft work to do and in the last two weeks we started knitting. Nobody knew how that works so Anca, our volunteer, and me (Nicole) had to learn how to knit again. We hope that a little project starts where some of the girls are knitting together a crazy quilt for a poor family in the village.

     We try to teach these girls and future mothers how to take care of their future families, to patch clothes and to do simply handmade things on their own, at home. This because, to be honest, that’s reality in Ogra… most of them won’t work somewhere in the city, but instead will have soon a family to take care of.

     Next to that we are studding a lot about relationships, birth control and child development and we hope and pray that they will learn and understand as much as possible. Except all that there is always time for games and photo-shootings as well (which they enjoy veeery much!!).

     One of our teenager girls is helping in our weekly children programs as a volunteer and we hope that we can prepare another girl for volunteering from this summer.

     Please pray for these young ladies, that they may finish school (at least 8 grades) and that they will take wise decisions for their lives.

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