What Can You Wish More For Christmas Than a Forever Family

What Can You Wish More For Christmas Than a Forever Family

dsc_0031The LOVE that Valeria received in the foster family contributed to her amazing healing and development. Valeria comes from a very dysfunctional family, her mother with a disability degree, with severe mental and behavioral disorders, which abandoned her at birth in the hospital. Her father is unknown.  At the age of only 6 weeks, Valeria was welcomed with love and open arms in the foster family where she received all the support necessary for her healing and development.

At the time of Valeria’s arrival at the foster family, she had delays in physical development, weakness in the muscles, and delay in the neuro-psychic development, heart problems and other medical problems untreated. Along the way there have appeared other problems such as difficulties in eating, in speaking and emotional insecurity, and an acute need of affection manifested by atypical gestures. Today, Valeria is a child who has been recovered and cured of all these problems/ trauma, because of the answered prayers and thanks to the foster family who has worked intense with her, participating in our therapy sessions, counseling, physiotherapy/ rehabilitation. Her development has been a miracle for us! Valeria (the child with the most issues,  emotional trauma and medical problems) today attends kindergarten, eats normal food, talks and is very energetic and sociable.

Though the opening adoption procedures were arduous and complicated, today we are thankful that Valeria has become an adoptable child and received a family that she enjoys for the rest of her life.

Thank you for all of you who invested in her life through prayer and support. We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Gabriella Simon – Foster to Adopt


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