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Christmas Activities Overview – Casa Juliana

Christmas and holidays in general are busy times for the kids and staff members at our house. This year was busy as well and was filled with new experiences. It was great getting to celebrate the holidays in a new and bigger home. Starting soon, after the 1st of December, we decorated the house and…

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Masquerade Party – Second Edition

Last week was a week of school break for the middle school age kids.  Having small children in Casa Juliana we always need to fill their free time with different activities because they have lots of energy that they need to consume in a way or another. The Casa Juliana kids were asking for the…

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Stichting Livada-Netherlands, September Visit

Without the help of our sponsors, we could never be the life changing, productive and creative foundation we are. For the past four years, one of our biggest projects for the month of September was to help the kids involved in the Prevention of Abandonment program in Ogra to start the school. So, last week,…

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LOC Kids Graduating High School

For many of us the high school years were the most beautiful years in our lives. New friendships, complicity to good and bad, common projects, last minute study for raising grades, cheating at tests, school skipping in group, like and dislike for teachers, and many, many more…all of this were part of our life and…

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Masquerade Party & Ice Skating

Two weeks ago was the mid year school break for our kids and we made it fun for them to unwind. We went ice skating a couple of times and even though for some of them it was the first time they soon got the hang of it. Nicusor especially surprised us with his natural ice…

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A New Beginning

After a loooong summer vacation filled with activities, outings, and fun we started school with enthusiasm. The eight children living in Casa Juliana eagerly awaited this day even if they were a little bit nervous and some did not know what to expect. After the opening ceremony of the school year, our staff led each…

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New Tables, Office Desks and Bed Linens For The LOC Kids

Usually, vacation brings joy and smiles on the kids face because they don’t have to wake up early to go to school or no more homework, but this time vacation brought a surprise to the LOC kids from the group homes. While the kids were in town, with the help of the staff, we put…

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Winter season with the LOC kids

LOC Kids hanging out with former intern Stephanie and LOC staffer Becca   The fall of 2014 was full of many changes for the teenagers in our LOC group homes. Several of them were moved to the local dorms, switched houses, endured some staffing changes, and started a new school year with new teachers and…

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