Prevention of Abandonement

Keeping Families Together

Livada works to assist poverty stricken Roma (Gypsy) families at risk of abandoning their children. We help to provide supplemental counseling, physical aid, employment search assistance and other social services in effort to help struggling families stay together.

Prevention Clubs & Humanitarian Aid

Much like the Outreach clubs, these weekly kids clubs serve Roma children. They provide them with consistent, nurturing relationships from our Livada staff and volunteers while creatively offering literacy helps, counseling, and humanitarian aid to both the children and their families. Each year we look forward to handing out needed winter coats, boots or summer footwear to the kids and sharing God’s love.

Many of the children we work with weekly participate in our summer camp activities too!

The Villages

Livada currently serves two poverty stricken Roma villages.

Apalina Village:  We partner with a Hungarian Baptist church plant to offer an after school educational supplementation program and humanitarian aid.

Ogra Village:  We have two weekly kids clubs and offer literacy clubs, humanitarian aid, counseling, dental care, girls clubs for young moms, summer camps, and we have purchased land to develop a community “Day Center” that will provide pre-school, after school, youth ministry, and Church plant facilities in the future.

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