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Sponsor a Child

We need individuals and groups to join what we call “sponsorship teams” and give toward monthly sustenance costs to support our ministry programs.

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Short term mission trips allow church and youth groups, families, college students, singles and adult teams to serve along Livada staff and volunteers as we invest in the lives of children throughout the year

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Summer Camp experiences are available for teams interested in serving for one to two weeks with children and teens at camp.  This is the most important week of the year for the children we work with in state care and the Gypsy villages

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We offer a wide range of opportunities to serve with the various ministries of Livada Orphan Care throughout the year

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Spend your summer with us in Romania!  Opportunities include serving at Camp with children and teens, leading Day Camp style VBS programs in the Gypsy villages, caring for abandoned babies & toddlers in a state hospital and assisting the short term mission teams

Amy & Interns

Our Short Term InterNational Team (STINT) is made up of Western Christians working alongside our Romanian staff and volunteers to minister to Romanian orphans.  This involves a 1-2 year commitment for service

Volunteer Drive

We have a variety of ways people can help host, give and collect items or funds needed to serve the kids in Romania

Serve With Us-Volunteer

There are many ways you can use your specific talents and your time to help with the ministry of Livada Orphan Care

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