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A Summer Camp Thank You

Enjoy the video below as our thank you to all who helped make Summer Camp 2023 possible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wE-jry6SQI

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Vacation Bible School

If it's summer, it means it’s time for Vacation Bible School! This year’s VBS is called Fortress: Destroy the Giants in Your Life!”. The program teaches children to fight the giants in their lives, each day focusing on a different challenge they face (peer pressure, inferiority complex, sin, stubbornness, and fear). All this while equipping…

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Summer Clothes Drive 2023: Welcome to the LIVADA SUMMER STORE!

We currently are working with approximately 500+ children/teens in orphan group homes and in our prevention of abandonment ministry. ALL of them need new athletic shoes, socks, and underwear. For the abandoned kids in state-care and the LOC kids in our private full-time care, we also need approximately 270 complete summer outfits. Please consider joining with…

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Blessed Week

In the last week of June we were blessed to have the Providence Team from Texas with us . The kids from Santana and Sancrai group homes, ages 5 to 18 were able to come to our day camp programs. We split the kids into teams in a different way than the past years mixing…

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Orphan Outreach Summer Overview

This past summer has been yet another wonderful season of camp and spreading the Gospel here in Mures County, Romania. We changed up the structure of our summer camps this year from having a week-long day-camp format for each group of kids to having a program one day a week for six weeks for each…

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Summer Activities in Ogra

It has been a wonderful summer in Ogra. We had sun and we had rain, but most of all we had the Lord’s blessing and protection through it all. We were able to use the school in Ogra for four weeks to run our activities. Every day from 10am to 12pm we had a program…

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Week 4 of Summer Camps…Two More to Go

As week 4 finished up only 2 more weeks of camp remain! It has been a joy to spend bonding moments with the kids at camp weekly as we walk through our identity as a child of God and as a believer. It’s been encouraging to see God work in the hearts of staff, volunteers,…

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Halfway Through LOC Summer Camp

It's hard to believe that we are halfway through camp for the summer!  This year we kicked off the summer by visiting a different location and new group of kids every day, running relatively the same program of camp day after day. By visiting a different group of children each day, the staff will greatly…

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TBRI Therapeutic Camp

It was such a blessing to be able to hold the first therapeutic camp in Romania following the TBRI method. We had a team prepared to work one on one with the 8 kids living in Casa Juliana; a very passionate team filled with love for the kids. Also the Barineau family, which was visiting…

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The second week of Day Camp

For Week Two of camp, a group of nine people from Allen Bible Church joined the interns to pour into children from M Niraj, Zau de C, Sarmas, and Santana. It was an incredible week with sweet children. You could feel the joy and love when you walked into the gym where camp is held.…

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