Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School

If it’s summer, it means it’s time for Vacation Bible School! This year’s VBS is called Fortress: Destroy the Giants in Your Life!”. The program teaches children to fight the giants in their lives, each day focusing on a different challenge they face (peer pressure, inferiority complex, sin, stubbornness, and fear). All this while equipping themselves with God’s truth and believing in victory, knowing God is their main resource.

We have the chance to serve 60 kids from the gypsy community in two weeks of camp. With God’s grace, we try to build their self-confidence and help them overcome deep traumas. We work on building healthy relationships with them, using all children’s international language: games. We lead them in lessons from the Bible and equip them with memory verses.

We had numerous wonderful moments, and it shows the result of years and years of work in the community. This year, we welcomed among us a new volunteer, right from the village, eager to help and involved in all activities, reflecting God’s love among the little children.

In the first week of the camp, we had the pleasure of serving with four friends from Germany who were with the children and with us, body and soul. We thank them on this occasion and look forward to seeing each other again next year. Pray for wisdom in leading all the teams and patience and strength to face the ”giants” that come our way. Pray for good weather outside and inside each camper’s heart.

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