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Vio’s Legacy: A Heartfelt Tribute to Fifteen Years of Compassionate Service at Fundatia LOC

The career of Viorel Gaga, deeply rooted in faith and service, began in the early 1990s through a meaningful collaboration with Bruce Thomas, the visionary founding president of the LOC Foundation. This partnership blossomed in Târgu Mureș, Romania, amidst a collective of youth pastors and local church leaders, all united in their quest for a…

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Meet Loradana Iacobs

Every journey has a beginning, and mine with the LOC Foundation commenced in 2002. This initiation coincided with my employment at a special needs school that had a collaboration with the Ludus orphanage. At that time, having just completed a specialization in special psych pedagogy, my focus revolved entirely around working with disabled children from…

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Emil Moldovan’s Story

In 1997, after a couple of years working as a leader in youth Christian camps, someone asked me to come and help for one week at their first VBS camp at Ludus Orphanage. I had never been in an orphanage before, had no prior contact with any orphans, and I knew that first impressions are…

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The Fruit of Our Work!

This end of spring has been very celebratory for us, as we had so many of our children from different departments graduating High- School and also the university. I remember for years ago, the first week of school in 9th grade for Elemer, Larisa and Denisa, as they walked in the school yard nervous of…

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Meet Our Staff -Nicole Triff

In 2012 I moved to Romania to work with the LOC Foundation in a Roma community in the Prevention of Abandonment Department in Ogra. I originally planned to stay 5 years - 5 years in which I wanted to invest in these people; families, children, adolescents. At first we had different programs with children, where…

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Meet Our Staff- Gabriella Simon

In my 14 year of work at LOC Foundation I had the opportunity to work with all the children from different departments with whom LOC worked with.  I started in 2005 as a social mom for 10 children at Casa Ana, then continued as a mentor, living in an apartment with three of the girls…

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Meet Our Staff – Carter Green

American Missionary with LOC My journey with Livada Orphan Care and their Romanian counterpart, Fundatia LOC, started back in the summer of 2014. I came as a summer intern to help put on their summer-camp programs. I returned the following year in the same capacity and moved here full-time the year after that. I’ve been…

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In Loving Memory of Ioana Marginean

On November 21st, Ioana Marginean, our beloved friend and colleague in the baby hospital department, passed away unexpectedly. Ioana has been a part of LOC since 2015, and she was an integral part of our ministry at the baby hospital. With her huge, compassionate heart, she faithfully showed up each day to pour out her…

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Meet Our Staff – Emil Moldovan

Nearly 20 years ago, when I decided to become a volunteer in a social project, most of the people around me gave me funny looks and told me that being a volunteer in an NGO doesn’t help me. On the contrary, for me, working in an NGO provided me with that informal environment in which…

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Meet Our Staff

Life as a LOC American Missionary As an American missionary serving with LOC, I often get asked by both my friends in the States and my friends in Romania, “So what is it like living in Romania?” I usually laugh before responding, “Well, it’s kind of crazy, but I love it.” When I moved to…

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