Emil Moldovan’s Story

Emil Moldovan’s Story

In 1997, after a couple of years working as a leader in youth Christian camps, someone asked me to come and help for one week at their first VBS camp at Ludus Orphanage. I had never been in an orphanage before, had no prior contact with any orphans, and I knew that first impressions are important. However, for me, that week left a lasting impression.

From that moment on, I started assisting with the VBS programs in the orphanages at Big Blue and Ludus. With each passing week, the desire to share the gospel with the kids and become a big brother for the orphaned children grew. In 2000, after spending the entire summer in Christian camps for orphaned kids, my passion became my life.

In 2001, I began working as a Follow-up Coordinator at one of the eight orphanages in Mures County at that time: Reghin Orphanage. After a few years, as the orphanages began to close down and kids were relocated to private and state group homes, I assumed the role of Director of the Follow-up Department and Summer Camp Director. Alongside a group of amazing, dedicated volunteers, our activities not only provided fun but also contributed to the spiritual, educational, social, and physical development of these children. Since 2009, with the diversification of the foundation’s programs, I took on the role of Manager of Operations. A few years ago, I also became the case manager for the kids in our Casa Ana-Nadia group home.

At Fundatia LOC, Emi is our veteran. He has been with us from the very beginning and has stayed with us through both good and challenging times. He has been present at every change that our foundation went through, and his passion for children has only grown stronger.

We value Emi for his dedication to the children, attention to their needs, and his ability to connect with the children and youngsters’ mindset. He collaborates well with all public institutions and is doing an excellent job as the Manager of Operations.

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