Meet Loradana Iacobs

Meet Loradana Iacobs

Every journey has a beginning, and mine with the LOC Foundation commenced in 2002. This initiation coincided with my employment at a special needs school that had a collaboration with the Ludus orphanage. At that time, having just completed a specialization in special psych pedagogy, my focus revolved entirely around working with disabled children from the orphanage. My commitment to this cause persisted, encompassing various educational institutions and organizations, until a moment of realization prompted me to aspire to more meaningful impact—something that could prevent these children from reaching dire circumstances.

This pivotal moment unfolded when Providence presented a new opportunity through the LOC Foundation five years ago. I seized the chance to work with abandoned babies in pediatric hospitals, an experience that served as a breath of fresh air for me—an opportunity to recharge and actively contribute to the healthier development of these forsaken children.

In 2021, I was afforded another enriching opportunity within the LOC Foundation: to work in the Prevention of Abandonment department within a Roma community, specifically in an after-school program. It brings me immense joy to support these children on their learning journey and to impart whatever the Lord has placed in my heart.

Beyond being just a job, I consider myself blessed to play a role in God’s work in this manner.

We appreciate Loredana for her serving heart and dedication to helping every baby or child reach its full potential. She is a great colleague, flexible, and dedicated to our Foundation’s mission.

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